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Four Green Steps is your one stop destination for all things green. Home to the Worlds' largest Green marketplace, our online store offers an eco-friendly alternative to virtually everything! Our site is also a great resource for Vegan & Vegetarian recipes, green living tips as well as up-to-date information on environmental topics and corporate responsibility. Four Green Steps offers a free environmental curriculum for schools worldwide and the opportunity for students K-12 to connect with each other and compete in international competitions to win sustainable, green prizes. We are a Canadian-based company with a diverse, creative, and enthusiastic team devoted to the Four Green Steps vision of a greener future. Think of us as a multi-faceted landing pad in the global shift towards green living.
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Always running around? Try the 5-Minute Triple Berry Smoothies for instant energy!

Always running around? Try theΒ 5-Minute Triple Berry SmoothiesΒ for instant energy!

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